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Identifying the original source of your triggers.


Heal - Release - Embody

I'm Ellie Garnham

Deep Healing Transformation Energy Healer

Spiritual Development mentor

Angelic channeler counsellor & guide 

Quantum Healing Hypnosis & Past Life Regression Practitioner


All of us have experienced trauma at some point in our lives.  It’s how we deal with these traumas that affect our bodies energetically & physically.   Too often, we brush painful experiences under the carpet, block out memories, try and forget what has happened to us and just move on in life.  The severity that this has on us can lead to serious dis-ease in doing so.​

You say no to victimhood mindset, no to allowing others to overstep boundaries.  You choose inner peace, & total unconditional love.  You choose to heal, transform, and embody your sovereignty.


Healing people and training them how to become their own master healer by connecting them to their own energy is my life's purpose.  I want you to heal yourself and heal others around you, raising the consciousness of humanity and our beautiful planet.


I have created a fully online Deep Healing Transformation program packed with energy healings, energy clearings, and energetic attunements to unlock your DNA, heal your entire being and align you with your higher self.


This meditation is a mini-taster of what you will receive when you sign up and gain instant access.

Remember, you can listen to this at anytime you feel called to do so.  Overtime, you are welcome to adapt the meditation to suit your style, just making sure to remember the correct steps first to keep you safe, protected, and connected.


Become a clear channel of which to send and recieve guidance by connecting to Mother Earth and to Source.

Protect yourself & protect the space you are in from anything not in service to the light.

Call in your spiritual team to assist you today, your team with your highest good & highest regard who love you unconditionally only.

Confirming it is done x3.


Going into your heart space, into that golden light & identifying the root cause, the original source pain of your trigger.

Sending it unconditional love, expanding your love onto the memory and allowing yourself to express your innermost feelings.

(I personally find so much releasing through screaming from my Sacral chakra and feeling into the anger.  I scream to release, which in turn clears my throat and helps me find my voice, my inner truth).


Call in Source light and see the memory move down, being carried away by source, down to Mother Earth where the experience, memory, emotion, will be transmuted, dissolved, or evolved for beneficial & benevolent purposes.

Ground yourself & anchor in all the healing, clearing & releasing.



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$555 (Angel number for transformation & change) with payment plans available!

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Deep Healing Soul Transformation - tell me more!

You should be proud of yourself for recognising your life is being affected by the past.  Not many people are able to identify this, nor strong enough to walk in their shadow. 

Your course takes you into the void, facing your past unhealed trauma, bringing these to the surface where you can face, clear & heal.  Ultimately, it leads to total transformation of your being at Soul level; mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. 


Most people are aware they have traumas but are not prepared to accept, take ownership of their present reality, and be willing to make real changes to their lives for the better.  This is why many people see healers for Reiki with no real impact in the long term.  Because deep down they aren’t willing to heal and change for their highest good.  All healing is self-healing, it all starts with YOU willing to evolve.  If you are ready to evolve, to heal and love every cell in your body, leading to manifesting abundance in your inner & outer worlds, then my deep healer transformation program is for you.  Heal, evolve, embody, manifest.

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Book now and save $1425!

$555 (Angel number for transformation & change) with payment plans available!

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